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"Elmo" -- adopted October 2003


We're the Caytons and this Elmo. Elmo joined our family from the Wyoming Border Collie Rescue and in the 4 short months that we have had him, has become a beloved member of our family. We were not really looking for a dog, but for information about agility courses, obstacles, and training when we found Elmo. Our children are 4-H members and involved in the dog project and we wanted to include agility with their current obedience and showmanship classes. Anyway, our internet search kept sending us to rescue sites, and well, let's just say, we were easily hooked.

Rescue made so much sense to us on so many levels. We were able to e-mail Elmo's foster mom, Tonya, and felt like we really knew him before we got him, and true to her word, he has lived up to everything she said about him--he's smart, and funny, and energetic, and gets along well with our other dogs. He doesn't bark, he doesn't dig (except into our hearts), and he loves us more than we could ever imagine.

We live near Topeka, Kansas, so it was quite a trip to get Elmo here. Tonya met us in Colby, KS and Elmo was nervous and scared and a little grumpy when we picked him up, but by the time we got home, he was laying on his back in the seat--feet up in the air-- with his head snuggled into Shelby's lap. He amazes us daily with his quick mind and keeps the whole family laughing with his antics. He spends most of his day with a goofy grin on his face searching for the next victim of his pranks you can almost see his mind spinning.

We also have a Miniature Schnauzer named Leo, whom we think Elmo secretly calls GOM (grumpy old man) and a sassy Sheltie named Snickers and Elmo is a true little brother. He harasses them endlessly, but is also very loving when he realizes they have reached their limit. He did, however, arrive needing some work on his manners. He had to learn that Mom did not need help in the bathroom, Mitch did not need his bed guarded while he was away, it is not nice to take pizza off of Myles' plate, and although thoughtful, not acceptable to open the gate and let the other dogs out of the yard or that every garden hose needs to be a soaker.

If you can't tell, we are totally smitten and completely in love with Elmo. He and Myles are working to become a team and we are sure that judges will be as enamored with him as we are, but if he never wins a purple ribbon, he will be loved just the same."

Elmo's Forever Family
Burlingame, KS

"Hey, it's me, Elmo!! Here are some pictures of me and my best friend, Myles. Kansas has the best trees and even better than the trees are the leaves and squirrels that come along with them. I have to admit, those squirrels are much faster than they look! There is also a picture of me and Myles at my first 4-H meeting -- don't I look like the professional 4-H dog?"


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You can help us help them by making a donation today!
Please visit the WBCR page on eBay Giving Works to help us with our fundraising efforts via MissionFish


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